Moving Rates For Tacoma and Seattle

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Our Moving Rates

Without Truck:

  • 2 man Labor only: As low as $100 per hour
  • 3 man Labor only: As low as $150 per hour
  • 4 man Labor only: As low as $200 per hour

With Truck:

  • 2 men with truck: As low as $125 per hour
  • 3 men with truck: As low as $175 per hour
  • 4 men with truck: As low as $225 per hour

There are three types of valuation protection to choose from on moving day:
  1. Basic Value Protection: Free of charge, compensation is .60 per pound for a damaged or lost item.
  2. Replacement Cost Coverage, with deductible: We will repair the damage to your satisfaction, pay you for the lost or damaged articles (less the $300 deductible), or replace the lost or damaged article for any amount over the $300 deductible. The $300 deductible applies to the entire shipment rather than each individual article. This level of coverage costs $1.15 per $100 of declared value.
  3. Replacement Cost Coverage, with no deductible: We will repair damage to your satisfaction, reimburse you for the replacement cost, or replace lost or damaged articles. This level of protection costs $1.40 per $100 of your declared value of the entire shipment.
This protects your property while we are handling your items. Your items are automatically covered while being transported on the moving truck through our Cargo Insurance. Please feel free to email or call with questions. If you would like to purchase valuation protection above the basic level of protection, please inquire at time of booking.

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Service Area's

King and Pierce County Washington


Thank you so much for your patience and tolerance during our very long moving job with scheduling and re-scheduling. You guys have the best moving crews - and its a pleasure dealing with workers that are pleasant and professional...

-Mike Smith, Bellevue